Free Preview: Our Full ‘Sudden Money and Windfalls’ Module

Free Preview: Our Full ‘Sudden Money and Windfalls’ Module

A sum of money suddenly landed in your lap. What do you do with it?

While people come into money for many reasons — as an inheritance or gift, through lottery or gambling winnings, by selling a property or business, or another way — the next steps after receiving a windfall can be puzzling. 

To make this puzzle easier, we created an e-learning module titled “Sudden Money and Windfalls.” This module includes a six-step process you can follow to make the most of your new wealth along with a fillable checklist. Think of it as the picture on the puzzle box to guide your windfall journey — and see what it’s all about with free on-demand access to the entire “Sudden Money and Windfalls” module!

“Sudden Money and Windfalls” Module: What You Can Expect

This full complimentary module, part of our Essential Services offering, is a great place to start if you’ve found yourself in a sudden money situation. So whether you’ve been saving a windfall and are unsure what to do with it, you just received a sum of sudden money, or you’ll be receiving funds soon, this module can help you better understand your next steps. 

If you like to DIY with access to the support and tools you need to succeed, we encourage you to try the free preview and see if the Essential Services package is right for you. Just click the button below to get started! 

(If you prefer to work closely with the pros to receive full-service support and personalized recommendations, our Comprehensive Services package might be the right path for you.)

Essential Services

With 17 other personal finance modules already available in addition to our Kick-Off Program, there’s no better time to become an Essential Services client! Get access to educational materials you can use to improve your financial life. And it’s not just static content! Each month, we release new modules filled with articles, calculators, quizzes, worksheets, videos, and more to keep you engaged with and excited to improve your finances. 

This client experience is perfect if you want to take ownership in planning your own finances with a financial professional to consult with and validate your decisions. Your monthly subscription gets you access to all of our personal finance modules, one-on-one time with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, discounted income tax preparation, reduced Betterment pricing, and more. 

Learn more about Essential Services from Financial Planning Fort Collins by getting started with the free “Sudden Money and Windfalls” module!

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Regina Neenan
Regina Neenan

Regina Neenan is a Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™ and the Cash-Flow and Insurance Planning Specialist at Financial Planning Fort Collins. With a lifelong passion for personal finance, they have been serving FPFoCo clients since 2018. You can learn more about Regina on our About page.