Financial Planning Fort Collins Introduces New Partners and Employee Membership Plan

Financial Planning Fort Collins

Financial Planning Fort Collins Introduces New Partners and Employee Membership Plan

Your Full-Time Fiduciary™ is now owned and operated by its entire staff of full-time fiduciaries.

Founder and Director of Investment and Tax Planning Jason Speciner, CFP®, EA, is no longer the sole owner of Financial Planning Fort Collins (FPFoCo). Having extended opportunities to Director of Estate and Financial Planning Dan Andrews, CFP®, and Cash-Flow and Insurance Planning Specialist Regina Neenan, FPQP®, Speciner announces that both Andrews and Neenan have accepted offers to become partners in the firm. 

“My partners are the biggest part of what makes Financial Planning Fort Collins special,” Speciner said. “The collective investment in our clients’ success should and will be fairly rewarded.”

As a part of the firm’s transition to 100% employee ownership, current and future employees will also participate in FPFoCo’s Employee Membership Plan. As a part of the plan, employees will be granted units of ownership in the firm, which will vest over time. FPFoCo is currently hiring a full-time paraplanner

In addition to its focus on growth and employee ownership, FPFoCo also announces its commitment to giving back through charitable causes. Each year, the firm and its employee-owners donate to human-focused nonprofits in Fort Collins and throughout the state and nation in honor of the clients of Financial Planning Fort Collins.

“As financial planners, we embrace the opportunity to encourage our clients to see how they can be philanthropic while on their journeys,” Andrews said. “It’s nice to feel like we practice what we preach as a firm with our ongoing charitable commitment.”

You can learn more about the causes we’ve supported on our Giving Back page.

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Regina Neenan
Regina Neenan

Regina Neenan is a Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™ and the Cash-Flow and Insurance Planning Specialist at Financial Planning Fort Collins. With a lifelong passion for personal finance, they have been serving FPFoCo clients since 2018. You can learn more about Regina on our About page.